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Mat Joints
Project specifications will normally dictate what has to be done as far as grout joints on an installation. When the specifications are not clear or do not specify what should be done, the general rule is as follows:

  • When two mats are laid side-by-side and have a joint width equal to or greater than two inches, the joint must be grouted with a 4000 psi concrete grout.
  • Joints created by laying mats in an internal or external radius must be grouted.
  • The pipeline mats are designed to allow for block protrusions of one-half inch on random blocks. However, the goal is to minimize non-conformities in the subgrade. Geotextile products are strong and durable, but the area to be covered should be free of debris or any materials that may tear or puncture the geotextile.
  • Where mats are joined in the bottom of a channel up the slope must be grouted.

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