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Installation of Shoreblock® PM Pipeline Mats

The following information is provided only as a guideline for anchoring of Shoreblock® PM pipeline mats. Final preparation and placement of the block is the responsibility of the end user.

Proper installation of the Shoreblock® PM mat system is essential to achieve proper stabilization and maintain stability against the erosive forces of nature around your pipeline. These guidelines are intended to maximize the conformity between the design intent and the actual field-finished conditions of the project. Quality workmanship is important to the ultimate performance of the system. The following sections address the subgrade preparation, geotextile placement, block system placement, backfilling and finishing, and inspection.

These guidelines apply to the installation of Shoreblock® PM pipeline mats and comply with ASTM D6884, "Standard of Practice for the Installation of Articulating Concrete Block (ACB) Revetment Systems".

These guidelines do not purport to address the safety issues associated with installation of Shoreblock® PM pipeline mats, including use of hazardous materials, mechanical equipment and operations. It is the responsibility of the contractor to establish and adopt appropriate safety and health practices. Also, the contractor shall comply with prevalent regulatory codes, such as OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) regulations, while using these guidelines.

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Subgrade Preparation

Geotextile Installation

Loading and Unloading Cabled Mattresses

Placement of Pipeline Mats

Cabling, Anchoring and Crimping



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